Dance Competition


Ballroom Xplosion VIII Team Competition Rules

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  • Costumes; recommended, not required

  • Props; NOT ALLOWED

  • Breakaways; Four (4) allowed, cannot exceed 48 beats of music total. (Does not apply to Line Dance)

  • Choreography; Required

  • Dance (Solo); minimum four participants (Line Dance), or at least 3 couples for a team.

  • Adagio, Figures; allowed

  • Leverage moves, Lifts and Drops; allowed

  • Aerials; NOT ALLOWED

  • Music; provided by competitors; minimum two and a half (2:30) minutes; maximum four (4) minutes. Music must be turned in to Dee Jay by 3:00 pm Friday May 18th, 2018. If you are submitting a CD, there should only be the performance song on it. Please label it with name of song and your groups’ name.

  • Scoring; Relative Placement

There will be a contestant and a judges meeting on Friday at 3:00pm in workshop room “A”. At least one (1) representative from each team and every judge must be in attendance.  Rules will be explained, questions will be answered and the dance order will be established at that meeting.