Event Information


Ballroom Xplosion VII

Ballroom Xplosion Urban Dance Comuunity and its' dancersfrom across the United States will convene in the beautiful city of Augusta, GA. As every year since 2011, this event will share a fantastic combination of experience, talent and entertainment in Urban Ballroom Dance. Together underone roof, at the same time.....and YOU will, again be a part of "history in the making"...

All roads and airlines lead to Augusta, GA as we continue to make history and bring a national focus to Urban Ballroom Dance. In 2016, Urban Ballroomers that included All-Styles, showed up in record number with over 25 states and a plethora of cities from around the country were represented. Dancers came from as far as Bessemer, AL; Pensacola, FL; Austin, Houston &Dallas TX; Buffalo, N.Y., Los Angeles, CA; Detroit, MI to name a few. This yearwe welcome that great city of Augusta to the family as we continue to grow andgo from city to city.

The 2017 Annual event will feature once again dance performances by the outstanding Smooth & Easy Dance Troupe of Washington,DC and Detroit's Ballroom Xplosion Dance Team of Detroit, MI. In addition, 2017 will also feature our 2nd Dance Team Competition. Dance Teams from around the country will be competing for cash prizes while displaying various styles of their choice. BX Weekend will kick off with our "Thursday Night Welcome Party" with a 70's &80's theme. We are especially excited toalso add "Line Dance Xplosion Weekend" featuring DJ Woodhouse, Chicago, IL. TWO MAJOR DANCE PARTIES IN ONE LOCATION!!!

With its' unique blend of various genres of dance music, dance styles and workshops, Ballroom Xplosion VII will continue to set new standards in Urban Ballroom Dance Conventions. We are proud to lay claim as being the ONLY Urban Dance Convention to travel from city to city throughout the USA. As host for this great weekend event, we are committed to supporting the consciousness and advancement of Urban Ballroom Dance. As we expand relationships and explore similarities within the urban dance community through workshops, seminars and exhibitions. We look forward to its' continued expansion, not only in the local and national communities, but in the global community as well.

We are coming back together from the north, south, east andwest to share in the masterful art of urban ballroom dancing, e.g. DetroitBallroom, Cha-Cha Ballroom, Chicago Steppin', DC-Baltimore Hand Dance, DetroitBop, Philly Bop, Kansas City 2 Step, Latin Hustle, Salsa and Line Dance, to name a few. We look forward to you coming while enjoying the fun, the history,experienced dance instruction that has been planned for your weekend. No doubt,you will enjoy the music that fits your style and DJ's who not only understand the urban ballroom style, but who is committed to catering to the "All-Styles" Ballroom Community.

You will meet dancers from across the country, hear great music, and receive dance instruction from Masters in their style, conducting workshops in various techniques of dance.....why would you miss it! Join us for this, the Sixth Annual Ballroom Xplosion. If you love more than one dance, this is surely the event designed especially for YOU!